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The Facebook Message That Will Show You What Forgiveness & Humility Are All About


"You may not remember this..."

(Image source: Facebook screen grab via BuzzFeed)

Claude Soffel probably never expected to hear from Michael Goodman ever again.

Nearly 34 years ago the Manhattan native was mugged by Goodman, who was desperate to "look like a tough guy" and impress an unnamed individual by employing an act he now acknowledges was "frickin' stupid."

But Goodman has been haunted by his actions for years and when he saw Soffel's profile turn up on Facebook, he offered him a heartfelt apology.

"You may not remember this," Goodman wrote, "but a long long time ago I walked up the steps of The Museum of Natural History one afternoon, trying to look like a tough guy to [somebody] & saw you standing there at the top of the steps, I walked up to you & (mugged) you for your bus pass."

(Image source: Facebook screen grab via BuzzFeed)

"Finally I can say," he continued. "I'M VERY SORRY that you had to go through that crap that day long ago, I wish it had never happened but it did."

"So once again I'm truly sorry for taking your bus pass back then - forgive me & thanks for reading this 'strange' & very long message," Goodman added. "Peace & love to you my brother."

Soffel, who is now a life coach, wrote back and accepted his apology.

"[C]learly you are a 'bigger man' today. wow. Memory is a funny thing, I recognize your name now, as well," he wrote. "So, apology accepted."

(Image source: Facebook screen grab via BuzzFeed)

"So let us now, jointly, put this in its proper place, behind us," he added. "With respect, Claude Soffel."

Goodman now says he feels as though a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders.

"I know I finally feel peace on this subject & dare I say even JOY!" he wrote.

(Image source: Facebook screen grab via BuzzFeed)

(H/T: Gawker)


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