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A dip into the pool reports: Magnum

AP Photo/Andy Wong, Pool)

AP Photo/Andy Wong, Pool)

From a White House pool report filed Thursday by The Atlantic's Steve Clemons, who is covering Vice President  Joe Biden's diplomatic trip to China:

[T]he Vice President's motorcade stopped with Vice President Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and granddaughter Finnegan Biden jumping out of their vehicles. They began to walk along the south side of the shopping street, zeroing in first on a small shop that had nothing classic in it -- but sold water, sodas, various household convenience items and Magnum ice cream bars. The Vice President seemed thrilled to find the Magnum bars ...

The Vice President bought a couple of Magnum bars from the vendor who looked a bit concerned with all of the people and severe-looking, black clothing clad guards who had descended on his small store, which was about ten feet wide at the front, and six feet deep to the back wall of the place.  The vendor had a visually old but hoppingly active mynah bird tied at its foot to a wooden perch.

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