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Media Critic Howard Kurtz Was Not Impressed With Chris Matthews' Obama Interview


"I wouldn’t even say he was pitching softballs—I’d describe it as whiffle ball."

Media critic Howard Kurtz said Sunday Chris Matthews looked more like he was playing "whiffle ball" with President Barack Obama than "Hard Ball" in his interview this week.

“I expected Chris Matthews to deliver a sympathetic friendly interview with President Obama,” Kurtz said on a "Fox & Friends" appearance. “But I wouldn’t even say he was pitching softballs — I’d describe it as whiffle ball. This is a guy who loves to interrupt his guests, right? He let the president go on and on.”

“I would have thought, just to cover himself, that Chris Matthews, knowing the world was watching, would have asked a couple of tough sounding questions, to show he was capable of playing hardball,” Kurtz continued.

“But in a way, Matthews was playing to the MSNBC base and to his base," he concluded. "He openly said at the end that people who watch me are your loyalists. That’s the way the ‘interview’ was conducted.”

(H/T: Mediaite)


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