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Denver Post editor: 'we really want to do a great job' covering marijuana


The New York Times has a report on the hooting and hollering that ensued after the Denver Post hired a marijuana editor. Despite the bottomless well of punchlines, the job isn't a joke:

... The Denver Post is taking its marijuana coverage seriously. On Jan. 1, Colorado will become one of two states to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. And other states and countries are watching closely. Gregory L. Moore, The Post’s editor, says that has meant the newsroom has been tasked with “an-all-hands-on-deck assignment” to cover the history of marijuana regulation, the reaction of federal agents to the new law and a look at the science behind the drug.

“It’s going to affect politics, culture, crime, food,” Mr. Moore said. “The world is going to be watching us and we really want to do a great job on this story.”

In 2013, Colorado became among the first states to legalize the sale and recreational use of marijuana.

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