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Cops Reveal Crucial Detail in Vegas Video of Man Who Appears to Try to 'Knock Woman Out


"Oh my gosh."

A woman turned the tables on an alleged attacker and struck him multiple times while he was on the ground. (Image source: Screen grab via World Star Hip Hop)

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect comments from the Las Vegas Police Department.

An incident depicted in a viral video Sunday showing a woman thoroughly beat an assailant who appeared to sneak up behind her is not related to the notorious "knockout game," authorities said.

Las Vegas Police Department spokesman Larry Hadfield told TheBlaze Monday it appears the involved individuals had contact with each other before.

"This incident does not suggest it would be related to any random incident like a 'knockout' type game," he said, noting it "remains under investigation."

A woman appeared to turn the tables on her alleged attacker, striking him multiple times while he was on the ground. (Image source: Screengrab via World Star Hip Hop)

The object of the "knockout game" is for an individual to knock a random individual unconscious with just one punch.

"It (the police report) does not suggest this was just a person running up to somebody," Hadfield added. "There was prior contact."

Originally uploaded to video sharing website World Star Hip Hop, video of the incident received more than 2 million views in its first 24 hours and is titled “Instant Karma: Dude Tries to Knock Woman Out But Ends Up Getting Rocked By Her and Her Boyfriend in Las Vegas!”

Watch the video (content warning -- strong language and violence):

The video appears to show a male assailant initially running through a shopping center on the 3600 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard, in the area of the Bellagio, toward a woman. As he closes in, the camera cuts away for a brief moment.

Once it refocuses on the incident, the alleged attacker is on the ground and being struck multiple times by the woman he tried to attack.

Seconds later, an unidentified male — who, according to the video's title, may be the woman's boyfriend — enters the scene and kicks the alleged assailant near his face.

"You just hit her bro," he says, as the woman continues to beat the man and multiple bystanders begin to flood the scene.

One bystander moves forward and the unidentified male repeats, "He just hit her man!"

"Yeah, he did," echoes one bystander.

"He just hit her," adds the cameraman.

"Oh s***. Dude he's f***in—," the cameraman continues. "His nose is bleeding dude. Oh my gosh."

The video ends with a bystander tending to the alleged assailant who was still on the ground.

According to Hadfield, it appeared the crime depicted in the video is a misdemeanor battery charge, punishable by 6 months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

Nevertheless, police said the victim does not want to prosecute and no serious injuries were reported.

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