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Nine Strangers Came Together to Make a Music Album -- Here's Your Behind-the-Scenes Look at What Happened Next


"I contend if this were on NBC, it would win the week."

Viewers can purchase songs from the album "Believe Again" at

Editor's note: While episode one of "Believe Again" has already aired, you can catch episode two on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on TheBlaze TV.


TheBlaze TV's two-day Christmas special "Believe Again" is an exciting look at Glenn Beck's first attempt at curating an album of Christmas favorites.

Airing Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, the program follows nine talented musicians who gathered at a house in Phoenix to record the album. None of the artists knew each other before the trip, and all came from diverse ideological and musical backgrounds.

Adding to the challenge was that the group had approximately 90 hours -- including sleep time -- to arrange, rehearse and record the entire album.

Viewers can purchase songs from the album "Believe Again" at

While each artist has found success within the Christian music genre, all represent different faiths and must collaborate to achieve the vision and see the project through.

Glenn Beck said on his radio program Tuesday that one of the things he loves about the special is that it is not "preachy," but is also "not afraid" of mentioning God.

"I contend if this were on NBC, it would win the week," Beck said. "I think it is a great special."

The 13-song album created in less than a week by nine strangers is nothing short of spectacular, Beck said, and features traditional songs like "Oh Holy Night" in addition to three new original Christmas tunes.

Watch two clips from the show below:

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[mlbvideo content_id=31264385]

The first clip, titled "Santa you have to pay," highlights the struggle the musicians had with finding songs that didn't cost exorbitant fees to record.

"You know what we noticed? Everything with Santa in it costs money; everything with Jesus in it's free." Mark Mabry said. "Isn't that the truth, though!" one of the musicians added.

In the second clip, David Osmond of the well-known Osmond family shares his story.

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