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Kid Christmas Carolers Reportedly Booted Off Grocery Store's Property Over Fears They'd Offend Customers


"We were both depressed that we couldn't spread anymore love, joy and cheer."


'Tis the season to be jolly, but for two young Christmas carolers, their holiday cheer reportedly wasn't welcomed at their local grocery store.

Credit: KATU-TV

Two kids apparently showed up to a WinCo grocery store recently in Vancouver, Wash., to sing Christmas songs for customers, but a store employee reportedly booted the girls off WinCo property.

The children, who said that they just wanted to "give a warm fuzzy feeling to anyone who walked by," sang both secular and religious songs, including "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Silent Night."

But they were reportedly told that their holiday jingles might offend patrons who don't celebrate Christmas.

One of the girls' mothers was so bothered by the situation that she contacted KATU-TV and the outlet subsequently covered the carolers' plight.

"Our policy is, like, we don't allow carolers or something like that," one of the children told reporter Emily Sinovic, paraphrasing what the WinCo staffer reportedly told the girls.

"I was, like, bummed ... We were both depressed that we couldn't spread anymore love, joy and cheer," one of the kids added.

Watch their story below (which includes some of their Christmas caroling):

Wondering if the decision was a mistake, Sinovic accompanied the girls to ask the store, again, if they could sing on the premises. The reporter was given the name and phone number of a store attorney, whom she phoned.

In the end, that lawyer reportedly told Sinovic that the girls will likely be allowed to return to the store to, once again, offer Christmas carolers to shoppers.

TheBlaze reached out to Sinovic to see if the girls have officially returned to WinCo and we also left a message for the grocery chain's corporate office to learn more about reported ban.



Featured image via KATU-TV

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