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ICYMI: The week in books, from Buck Sexton to Ludwig von Mises

TheBlaze's national security advisor Buck Sexton speaks with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV on Dec. 2, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

(Credit: © Kahn Photography)

In the week in books we covered a number of titles that would make great holiday gifts including Christopher Reich's new financial thriller, The Prince of Risk (Review, Interview, Excerpt), Ludwig von Mises' magnum opus, Human Action (Special Guest Review) and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Unintimidated (Review). More to come on Scott Walker's book in the near future.

We also got some great book recommendations from the National Review's Kevin Williamson on holiday gifts for your progressive friends and family members, TheBlaze's very own Buck Sexton, National Security Editor, Real News Co-Host and Host of the Buck Sexton show, former CIA agent plus all-around good guy on the books

every Blaze reader should pick up on intelligence, and libertarian lawyer extraordinaire and chief architect of the Obamacare challenge, Randy Barnett on restoring the Constitution.

(Credit: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.)

Also, it turns out that conservative comic and coloring books are trending for the holiday season. Ted Cruz to the Future – Comic Coloring Activity Book is currently the #1 best selling children's book on Amazon.

Lastly, for a detailed look at Glenn Beck's best selling new history (with an emphasis on story) book, Miracles and Massacres, be sure to check out these editorials:

Chapter 1 - Jack Jouett's Ride: Pop Quiz: Name the Midnight Rider Who Saved the Revolution (It's Not Who You're Thinking)

Chapter 2 - Shays' Rebellion: Did Occupy Wall Street Start in 1786

Chapter 3 - The Virginia Ratification Convention of 1788: When the Founding Fathers Became the Founding Fathers

Chapter 4 - The First Barbary War: We Learned Why Appeasement of Iran Won't Work…In 1801

Chapter 5 - Edison and WestinghouseThomas Edison: An original crony capitalist

Chapter 7 - Easy Eddie and Butch O'HareHow the 'Chicago Way' Helped Win the War

Chapter 9 - Tokyo RoseWhen Government Used its Power to Destroy a Patriot

Chapter 10 - The Battle of Athens, TennesseeThe Story Elites Who Want to Disarm the Public Don't Want You to Know: Tyranny in Tennessee

Chapter 11 - The My Lai MassacreOne Man Saw the Light in the Darkness of Vietnam

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