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The Biggest Multimillion Friday the 13th Accidents


[Editor’s note: The following is a crosspost by Katie Little that originally appeared on CNBC.com]:

Urban legend or not, Friday the 13th has been an unlucky day for many, judging from the multimillion-dollar accidents that have occurred on the day.

There's evidence too that Friday the 13th is indeed lucky, according to a review by the U.K.'s 1st Central Insurance of its data.

After reviewing claims occurrence on Fridays on the 6th, 13th and 20th, the company found the 13th to have the highest combined number of motor insurance claims overall.

To learn more about the biggest Friday the 13th accidents, CNBC contacted Advisen, which reviewed its Loss Insight data and found the largest damages since 1990.

Image source: CNBC.com

The biggest accident also happens to be the most noteworthy of the bunch. Last January, the Costa Concordia liner partially sank near the Italian coast, resulting in an estimated $847 million in damage.

In order of size, here are the next biggest Friday the 13th accidents, according to details and estimates provided by Advisen's Loss Insight data:

Marriott International Administrative Services: On April 13, 2007, after someone was shot in a Marriott Hotel parking lot by a security officer for the hotel, he sued several organizations, including Marriott International Administrative Services. The plaintiff was awarded $16.1 million.

Signature Farms/Cherry Trees Farms: After four family members died in an explosion on Sept. 13, 2002, the owners of the rental house where it occurred, Signature Farms and Cherry Trees Farms, were sued. The plaintiff was awarded $14.1 million.

Auction Transport: After an accident killed multiple people on July 13, 2001, the husband of one of the victims sued Auction Transportation after one of the car transport company's trucks struck his family's car. Auction Transportation settled for $12.4 million of the total damages.

Nassau County, N.Y.: After a passenger sustained a vertebra fracture due to a car accident on Jan. 13, 1995, she sued the county and the driver, alleging that the county was negligent in the construction and maintenance of the road. She was awarded $11.1 million.

Weinstein Family Services: A police officer's cruiser was hit by a hearse that ran a red light on Oct. 13, 2000. The officer sued the hearse driver and his employer, Weinstein Family Services, a funeral home operator. The suit was settled for $10 million.

American Biomedical: On June 13, 1997, an ambulette owned by American Biomedical collided with a taxi cab. The plaintiff, a home health aid traveling in the ambulette, sued American Biomedical. The plaintiff was awarded $9.85 million.

Mount Sinai Medical Center of Florida: On Feb. 13, 2009, a plaintiff in his 80s fell down some stairs at Mount Sinai Medical Center and later died. The representative of his estate sued the medical center. After the jury found the defendant negligent, it awarded $113,609.19 to the estate of the man and $6 million to his wife for her mental pain and suffering.

Royal Plaza Hotel (Thailand): On Aug. 13, 1993, the Thai hotel collapsed. The event killed 137 and injured 227 people. It caused estimated damage of $4.2 million.



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