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Saturday Night Live' Skit Targets Obama Selfie, Fake Mandela Interpreter


"Some people said Michelle was angry at me for that....she was furious."

President Barack Obama's appearance at Nelson Mandela's memorial service this week was subject to a "Saturday Night Live" skit that targeted the stage's fake interpreter and the president's now infamous selfie.

The skit opened with an actor playing Obama delivering an address on the "series of unfortunate events" that occurred at the Mandela memorial.

"First, I got roped into taking a selfie with the blonde female Danish prime minister," the Obama actor said. "Some people said Michelle was angry at me for that. But, I talked to her afterwards and I can assure you, she was furious."

[sharequote align="center"]"Some people said Michelle was angry at me for that....she was furious."[/sharequote]

As "Obama" transitioned his speech to detail some "exciting" updates to the health care website, a sign language interpreter appeared behind him, offering some bizarre gestures to the audience.

"Saturday Night Live" poked fun at the fake sign language interpreter from Tuesday's Mandela memorial. (Image source: Screen grab via NBC)

"Secret Service" agents ultimately escorted the man off stage, clearing the way for an actress playing Angela Merkel to appear.

"I have one favor to ask," the Merkel actor said with a strong German accent. "The Danish prime minister has been bragging all over northern Europe about her selfie with you and I was hoping I could get one as well."

"I don't think so," the president replied.

"Oh really, I feel like you kind of owe me after the whole wiretapping my cell phone thing," Merkel countered.

Watch the entire "SNL" skit:


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