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You Know Those Annoying People Who Talk Loudly on Their Phones in Public? This Awkward Video May Make Them Think Twice


"Were you listening to my conversation?"

Image source: YouTube screenshot

There's already a lot of cellphone chatter in airports, and some are concerned the noise pollution could make its way onto flights.

Well, this video might at least serve as a reminder about just how public the one side of your private phone conversation can be.

"Don't you hate when people talk loudly on their phones in public? Why not have some fun with it and 'crash' their calls!" the YouTube channel Mediocre Films wrote in its video description about "cellphone crashing."

cellphone crashing Image source: YouTube

The "crashing" had the prankster situate himself next to someone talking on their phone, and then proceed to fill in the gaps left in the one-sided conversation. When one person said "I love you" into the phone, he responded, "I love you too," pretending to talk on his own phone.

Some found the crashing annoying while others caught the humor. One man even decided to move away from the crasher -- he only scooted over one seat though. This wasn't far enough to prevent the crasher from following suit.

cellphone crashing Image source: YouTube

"Were you listening to my conversation?" one young lady asked.

"No, no," the crasher responded. "No, I was on the phone with my buddy."

"Wow, that's weird," she said.

And then the crasher admits the farce, pointing to a hidden camera.

cellphone crashing Image source: YouTube

"That's my wife holding the camera. We do this for YouTube," he said.

Check out the footage and see if it doesn't draw a laugh and/or have you considering whether you should make your calls in private:

The extended footage is worth the two-minute watch as well:

(H/T: Reddit)



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