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The Heated Debate Over the Muslim Brotherhood on Egyptian TV That Devolves Into Water-Throwing


"...you call us collaborators, traitors, and sons of bi***hes."

Guest throws water across the set as a heated debate deteriorates into a water fight (Screenshot: Mihwar TV, via YouTube)

A debate about the Muslim Brotherhood on Egyptian TV devolved into water-throwing after things became quite heated.

The debate featured a supporter and opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the water-tossing began when one one guest likened the Brotherhood to what he described as Jews inflating those killed in the Holocaust in order to evoke sympathy.

The show originally aired on Mihwar TV on November 6 and was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) this week.

Guest throws water across the set as a heated debate deteriorates into a water fight (Screenshot: Mihwar TV, via YouTube)

Egyptian journalist Abdel-Halim Qandil, a Brotherhood opponent, said, “The inflated Rabia Al-Adawiya casualty toll has turned into a Jewish-style Holocaust. All kinds of idiots with doctorates appeared on Al-Jazeera TV, saying that 15,000 people were killed at Rabaa Al-Adawiya. The Muslim Brotherhood did not send more than 5,000 people to demonstrate, but [Al-Jazeera commentator] Muhammad Al-Gawady blew it up to 15,000.”

A large sit-in of Muslim Brotherhood supporters at the Rabia Al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo was broken up by Egyptian security forces on August 14th. Egyptian health officials said that hundreds were killed, but it’s unclear how many were shot by security forces and how many by supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi.

“This insanity is an attempt to create a guilt complex, like the Jews did to the Western world, when they claimed that six million Jews died [in the Holocaust]. The total number of Jews did not reach six million, so how can they talk about six million killed in Nazi gas chambers? The [MB] talks about 15,000 dead, while there were only 3,000 people there,” Qandil added.

When he’d heard enough insults of the Brotherhood and Al Jazeera, which is perceived widely in Egypt for coverage sympathetic of the Brotherhood, Muntasir Al-Zayyat, described by MEMRI as an Egyptian Islamist lawyer, pulled off his microphone and walked off the set.

“I did not come here for this farce,” Al-Zayyat said and left the studio.

Shortly later, Al-Zayyat returned to the studio, and the show’s host said, “our channel supports the will of the people, and we listen to all sides, and that's why you are here.”

But the Muslim Brotherhood supporter did not accept the station’s claims of balanced coverage, saying, “You ignore us, and when we go to be interviewed on Al-Jazeera, you call us collaborators, traitors, and sons of bitches.”

“You and the Muslim Brotherhood rebelled against the will of the people,” Qandil countered.

Al-Zayyat accused Qandil of hatred, calling him “you resentful man. You are full of hatred.”

From MEMRI’s transcript:

Abdel-Halim Qandil: Hatred towards whom?

Muntasir Al-Zayyat: Towards any religious Muslim.

Abdel-Halim Qandil: You have excommunicated yourselves. You have betrayed Islam.

Al-Zayyat then threw the contents of his mug at Qandil and exclaimed, “You are traitors to Islam.”

“Just because you grow a beard does not make you a Muslim,” Qandil said.

At the end of the show, Qandil asked for the opportunity to “repay his salutation.” He then threw the water in his mug at Al-Zayyat.

“I wanted to repay his salutation in order to teach him that he should use only his tongue in an argument, if he has something to say,” Qandil said.

“By God, I regret coming here,” Al-Zayyat said.

“We apologize to Mr. Muntasir, to Mr. Qandil, and to the viewers. I am really sorry about this,” the host said.

Even after the host’s goodbye, they continued arguing. Qandil said, “It was aggression... He attacks me and then whines. This is the Muslim Brotherhood way of lying.”

Al-Zayyat answered, “I didn't start it. But enough, you retaliated.”

Here is the translated video courtesy of MEMRI:


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