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17 Pictures of Stunning Snow Art Created Just With Footprints


A snow angel can be beautiful, but the creations Simon Beck stamps into the snow using only his feet take winter landscape art to the next level.




Aside from the amazing detail, the designs are even more impressive considering their scale and the planning that's put into them.

Beck wrote on Facebook that "projecting" a design onto the snow and then tracing it out with his feet would "[remove] the skill." Beck uses "primitive tools" to set out the design properly.

"The setting out is the boring bit, too much like my job of orienteering map-making," he wrote.

simon beck art A look at one of Beck's designs plotted on paper. (Image source: Simon Beck Snow Art/Facebook)

Here's how it works:

Stage 1 is measuring. Usually I work outwards from the center. Straight lines are made by using the compass and walking in a straight line towards a point in the distance, curves are made by judgment. Both require a lot of practice to get it good.

When the primary straight lines and curves have been made, points are measured along them using pace counting for distance measurement.

Next, the secondary lines are added by joining the points determined by the above process. Usually I walk the lines three times to get them really good, if there is enough time.

Lastly, the shaded areas are filled in.

simon beck art Simon Beck plots and stamps out stunning landscape designs in the snow. (Image source: Simon Beck Snow Art/Facebook)

Though one might be inclined to call Beck's work "snow crop circles," it's a term he doesn't support.

"A lot of people seem to call it snow crop circles, which I dislike as a lot of those who do crop drawings don't ask permission and I don't want to be associated with that sort of illegal activity," he wrote.

Be sure to check out Beck's about page on Facebook for more on this unique individual and his designs that can take up to 10 hours to complete (not including the hike to the site). Check out more of his wintry art in this Facebook gallery.

(H/T: Viral Nova)



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