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What This Burglar Found in a Home Was So Heinous He Had to Call the Cops


" your job and put him ... in jail for life."

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A burglar in Spain reported a pedophile after he discovered to his horror that he had stolen a camera which contained video of the man sexually abusing children, police said.

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According to CNN, the appalled burglar placed the incriminating tapes in a brown envelope, hid them under a parked car and then anonymously phoned police directing to them to the evidence.

Inside was a note containing the address of the house the burglar had stolen the tapes from.

"I've had the misfortune of having the tapes fall into my hands, and feel obligated to present them to you so you can do your job and put him ... in jail for life," the letter said, according to NBC News.

Police visited the location and arrested a 64-year-old football coach on suspicion of child abuse, according to NBC News. At the home, police found more content depicting sexual abuse of boys, CNN added.

Authorities say the man lured children to his home and watched pornographic films with them before then sexually assaulting them. At least four victims have been identified by investigators.

According to CNN, police are still searching for the burglar "with a conscience."

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