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'That’s Crazy': Blaze Readers React to 'Connecticut Gun Owners Wait in Line to Do Something Many Gun Owners Hope They Never Have To\

"Those who argue against universal background checks and 100% gun registration aren't exhibiting or exercising their constitutional rights. They are displaying an ignorance to the facts and reality."

Image source: WFSB-TV

Image source: WFSB-TV

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about Connecticut gun owners waiting in line to get their firearms and high-capacity magazines registered before new state laws go into effect Jan. 1, 2014.

In the story some residents seemed upset by the requirement, which they called “unconstitutional”; others didn’t seem to mind.

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the issue:


“I understand why they are doing it, but its unconstitutional.” When representatives are passing and enforcing law that is against the foundational law of the country, there is NOTHING and should be NOTHING that is "understood" except the gradual enslavement of the people to the state. If you understand their logic, then you are admittedly part of the problem. Liberalism operates out of emotion rather than logic, and it ignores greater long-term consequences.

Imagine the future of this country were the suits crap on the Constitution, and the people say, “Yes, its unconstitutional, but its understandable” while they get in line…..shame, shame, shame!


The people of Connecticut would rather be forced to register their weapons than have another Sandy Hook. However, registering your weapons would have never stopped Sandy Hook nor will it stop another Sandy Hook.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Interesting but irrelevant point. And the registering of guns in no way infringes on a lawful individual's right to bear arms. Those who argue against universal background checks and 100% gun registration aren't exhibiting or exercising their constitutional rights. They are displaying an ignorance to the facts and reality. When you care more about your ideology than you do about your community and your fellow citizens, you are the problem.

Steve Crisp

The reason they are demanding registration of weapons is to one day seize them. It may not be tomorrow, or next month or even next year, but it will one day come.


So…if there is another horrific mass shooting, the police will check to see if the magazine was registered??


I am a CT resident. For those who would say,

“Never register, registration leads to confiscation”…

yes, you are correct… HOWEVER…

When you purchase a firearm in CT, you fill out a form that states the “stats” of the firearm.

That form is then sent to the State Police and the local police department.

There is already a defector registration. So if I, owning an AR-15, do not “register” my rifle as a assault weapon, than in 6-12 months when they go through the rolls, they’ll see who bought one, and who did not register one, then they WILL have legal recourse to confiscate and you go to jail…

Now, we all agree they don’t have the right to do this to begin with, but the government doesn't have the legal right to do half of what it does…

I have “registered” my rifle and magazines… those owned and possessed in CT.

If they want to eventually confiscate them, they can have them bullets first.

I made the moral decision before I sent the paperwork in, that I would defend my right to bear arms with deadly force and ultimately my life… I’ve made my peace.


God forbid you have to register weapons. I mean having to register cars is one thing, but stuff specifically designed for killing? That’s crazy.


You know, if you are willing to kill your own mother in cold blood, steal her guns, and then kill 26 people with those firearms, then you probably don’t give a damn about your state’s gun laws.

If you are stupid enough to turn in your magazines or register them based on an unconstitutional law on the theory that this somehow makes you safer, you are probably a Democrat.

If you believe that the firearms themselves were somehow responsible for or caused the Sandy Hook tragedy, you’re probably delusional.


I see a lot of good people saying "not my gun" or "from my cold dead hands" or "you're foolish to still live there." Well that may feel good for those folks in gun-friendly states, but when they go about what they’re doing one state at a time, the people will crumble and all the big talk will go away. I see good people making bold statements, but I don’t see any resistance. State registration followed by a ban of some sort followed by confiscation will be the model. You will all lose your guns unless there is an organized resistance. If you’re not a member of the NRA or GOA perhaps you should consider. There must be an organized national resistance to this gun-control issue or we will all fall state by state.


My Canadian friends can chime in, but I believe the Canadian gun registry (at least to a significant agree) failed because people simply refused to comply.


If government REALLY wanted to help, wouldn’t it be better to teach civics classes and responsibility in schools?

It is only to the advantage of a corrupt government to disarm its citizens.


The problem with this is that someday, one person that actually did register his gun is going to do something illegal, and they will catch the person by using this registry (or at least claim it helped). Then, they will use that as justification for all these illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional acts.


The problem is, the weapons are already registered when we buy them. So all they need to do is check that list with what is registered and we have a whole slew of brand-new lawbreakers who will spend up to 1 year in jail and lose their ability to ever own a firearm. The people at DPS were asked what would happen if people didn’t register, and they were told they would get a knock on their doors from the police to turn in their weapons and of course get arrested. So really, what choice do CT residents have? Now, when it comes time for them to come and take them…that’s a whole new ballgame. I suspect that won’t go quite so well. I’m moving anyway in a few months so….even though I had to register them…

One thing to remember with all of us up here in this crap hole of a state, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is doing this joyfully, and are doing it begrudgingly as they have our lives in a vice. It is very easy to spout it out in comments about how “I would never register!!” blah blah blah…good for you. I hope you never do. Don’t judge us up here, we are every bit as angry about this as y’all are, even more so since it’s our a**es on the line. Oral arguments on the lawsuits against this law open at the end of January. If the law gets overturned the registry needs to be deleted.



One last thing…
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