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Daily Beast writer: sorry for joking about adopted Romney baby but...


In step with the others who this weekend on MSNBC mocked a Romney family photo that included one of its adopted members, a black baby named Kieran, Dean Obeidallah writes in The Daily Beast:

I told a joke that many on the right—and even a few in the middle—didn’t like.  This all happened Sunday when I was on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry show with three other comedians for an episode called: “Look back on 2013 and Laugh.” ...

With that said, let me be clear:  I want to sincerely apologize to the Romney family if anyone was offended by my joke.  I did not in anyway mean to attack the Romney family for adopting a child, which is truly commendable. Nor did I intend to mock baby Kieran in any way. I would never intentionally demonize people in that manner. ...

And let me also be clear to the self-appointed right-wing pundits: I will never stop calling out the wrongs and hypocrisy of the right.  Be it citing Jesus’ name to justify slashing programs that help the less fortunate, demonizing Muslims or gays for political gain, or trying to disenfranchise minority voters with voter ID laws. And for those jokes and comments, I can assure you, I will never apologize.

Melissa Harris-Perry, who hosted the segment mocking the photo has apologized and so has one of the other panelists, actress Pia Glenn.

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