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A dip into the pool reports: gimme

AP Photo/Marco Garcia

AP Photo/Marco Garcia

From a White House pool report filed Wednesday by the Washington Post's Philip Rucker, who was covering one of several of President Obama's golf outings during his vacation stay in Hawaii:

Obama, wearing a white golf shirt and beige cap and khaki shorts, was seen leaning on a golf cart. Standing at the middle of the fairway, he then used a range finder to see how far away the hole was. The president then swung his club and hit the ball. He made a fairly decent shot from the fairway, landing roughly 22 feet of the hole. The crowd of onlookers cheered.

Obama then got onto the golf cart, which he drove himself. Then he approached his ball (positioned near Sam Kass's), marked it and picked it up and paced back and forth. He tugged at his cap and leaned on his club. ...

Then Obama bent down and placed his ball on the marker. He used a putter and narrowly missed the hole by a foot and knocked it in as a gimme. He got it close enough to count as having two-putted.

At that, the victorious president smiled and waved at the crowd and said, "Happy new year."

Someone shouted, "We love you!" And he replied, "I love you back."

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