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Joan Walsh remembers the name of every person she's ever met


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said during a press conference Thursday that he "couldn't have picked" Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich "out of a lineup." At that, ABC News tracked down a photo from 2011 featuring the two men (along with five other men) and asked, "really?"

Similarly, Salon Editor Joan Walshwrote (emphasis added):

There were ... small, weird contradictions [in the press conference]: [Christie] said he’d just found out about the emails yesterday – but he also claimed he had two sleepless nights over them. He told us he rarely raises his voice, even though he’s got staffers trailing him and proudly posting his blowups on YouTube. I suppose it’s possible he only yells at teachers, reporters and uppity constituents, but not his staff. He made self-aggrandizing and fairly easy-to-disprove claims, like he’d never even heard Sokolich’s name until Wednesday.

Here's the photo that makes it "easy" to prove Christie knows Sokolich:

via Office of the Governor

It's not even clear Christie sees Sokolich (far left). If he did, he also saw five other men, all white, all older.

We emailed Walsh to ask if she's ever met someone and forgot his or her name afterward. Or, perhaps she forgot meeting him or her altogether.

Sokolich is the mayor Christie aides plotted to exact revenge against by way of causing a traffic jam on George Washington Bridge in 2013.

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