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Hunters, What This Man Can Do to a Herd of Deer Will Make You Jealous


A Colorado man has a special group join him for breakfast on his deck each morning. A herd of mule deer. The video showing the daily dining experience is now starting to go viral.

One such video starts with him panning to a lone deer (referred to later by the host as "Lumpy") arriving on the scene:

Image: YouTube

After "Lumpy" arrives, the host calls the herd to feed.  They assemble within seconds, as if they were waiting in the wings:

Matthew Lee Chegwidden is the Colorado resident who enjoys feeding some of the wildlife living around his home. On his Facebook page, Chegwidden has posted a few examples of the deer feeding. However, his habit of leaving food for the mule deer has also brought out a couple of other members of the animal kingdom.

Last summer he spotted a momma bear and her two cubs feeding right outside his window.

Image: Facebook

In an effort to get a clearer shot, he actually opened the sliding glass door to his deck and took a few more shots -- but only for a few brief seconds:

Image: Facebook

Chegwidden also found a fox that he has dubbed "Blacksox" who is fond of leftover Chinese food:

Image: Facebook

So far, no one has raised doubts about the authenticity of the videos -- especially the deer one. But in this day and age, one has to wonder if there's more to the story.

Either way, some of the comments posted to Chegwidden's videos are asking if it is smart and/or legal to do what he is doing. What do you think? If you lived next door to someone who was feeding wild animals on his deck, what would you do?


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