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Police Dash Cam Captures When Woman Ditched Stolen Car and Jumped Into a River -- Guess How It Ended


"Um, it hurt."

Image source: KATU-TV

A woman fleeing from police driving a stolen car, in a final effort to escape, jumped from a bridge into an Oregon river -- and you can probably guess how it ended.

Rebecca Humphries, the 26-year-old driving the car, told her side of the story from a hospital bed Thursday.

"I was trying to return the car to the guy that was in retaliation for me ditching it," Humphries told KATU-TV of a story that is a bit confusing and not elaborated upon further. "And I started to get pulled over and got scared and 'fight or flight' kicked in and I jumped.

“I looked down, but I didn't hesitate. I just jumped."

woman jumped over bridge Image source: KATU-TV

What did it feel like when she landed in the water?

"Um, it hurt," Humphries told the news station.

woman jumps off bridge Image source: KATU-TV

The police chase began around 4:40 p.m. Wednesday when a Troutdale, Ore., officer tried to stop the woman driving a Ford Taurus for a minor traffic violation, the police department's news release explained. Upon checking the car's registration, the driver sped off. Stopping on the Start Street bridge, the woman ran across the road and into the freezing water of the Sandy River she jumped.

The whole ordeal was all captured on a police cruiser's dashboard-mounted camera, footage of which can be seen in KATU-TV's report:

Humphries was rescued from the river and taken into a local hospital where she was treated for broken vertebrae.

"Really, jumping from that bridge, in itself the distance to the water is dangerous - for somebody to jump that distance," Sgt.Carey Kaer with the Troutdale Police Department told KATU. "And into freezing water also, I have no idea what was going through her head.”

The news release said Humphries was cited at the hospital for numerous traffic violations.




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