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Young Mother Tears Up Recalling How Close She Was to Aborting Her Twins – Meet the Woman Who Helped Change Her Mind


"I’m so glad I gained enough courage to save my daughters."

Rebecca Rizzi and Sherry Pierce share their story on The Glenn Beck Program Jan. 16, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

TheBlaze's Billy Hallowell on Wednesday published the story of Rebecca Rizzi, a young woman who was five weeks pregnant and convinced she had to have an abortion, but left the Planned Parenthood clinic after encountering a group of pro-life protesters.

Both Rizzi and Sherry Pierce, a protester with the “Refuge in the Desert” ministry, appeared on Glenn Beck's program Thursday to discuss their story.

"I didn't really have any family or friends, connections," 24-year-old Rizzi explained. "I was determined that I [had] to do this."

But when Rizzi arrived at the Planned Parenthood in Tempe, Ariz. to have the procedure, the pro-life protesters outside made her second-guess her decision. As she sat in the waiting room, Rizzi recalled that every time the door opened, she could hear the protesters outside. Eventually, having waited for over an hour, Rizzi went outside for some air and encountered Sherry Pierce, who was protesting.

Rebecca Rizzi and Sherry Pierce share their story on The Glenn Beck Program Jan. 16, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"I want to give God all the glory, because truly, we are not heroes out there. He's the hero," Pierce told Beck. "And it's amazing what He did that day, and that we see Him continue to do."

Pierce explained that as the women walk in, they encourage them not to go through with the procedure. They tell the women they will help emotionally and financially, and that "children are a blessing from the Lord..."

"Basically she just said, 'You don't have to do this,'" Rizzi recalled, fighting back tears as her twins called out next to her. "She provided me with all of these different resources I didn't even realize existed."

Rizzi first considered putting her child up for adoption, but when she found out she was having twins, it changed everything.

“Once I found out they were twins, and I thought about our life together and what it could be, [I changed my mind],” she said.

Rizzi decided not only to have her children, but to keep them, and is now "absolutely determined" to do what is best for her daughters.

“No woman in her right mind wants to have an abortion," she told TheBlaze's Billy Hallowell. "I’m so glad I gained enough courage to save my daughters in the midst of so much uncertainty.”

Watch Rizzi's entire interview with Glenn Beck, below:

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