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Are You A 'Yoda,' 'Luke Skywalker,' Or Maybe A 'Princess Leia?' Take The 'Star Wars' Personality Test


Happily, no Blaze staff member has been given the Darth Vadar designation. (At least, nobody has admitted to it.)

Let's push the "pause" button on the hard news for a few minutes and have a little fun.

The crew at has posted an entertaining personality profile test that asks 14 questions and, based on your answers, tells you which Star Wars character most matches up with you.


It all starts innocently enough by asking you to "choose your weapon." Of course the options are all Star Wars-based. By clicking on your selection, you are advanced to the next page.


Despite opening with an obviously Star Wars-tinged question, the survey quickly moves into the typical "personality profile" themes you might find on any basic psychological profile exam.

The test asks questions about your childhood, and how you might handle a situation where your best friend was in danger, etc. It also wonders how you deal with criticism and the presentation of new ideas and differing viewpoints.


As you can see, the survey is building a profile based on your personality, experiences, preferences, and some of your hopes and dreams. It even pokes your brain to make you ponder how you would navigate stressful situations or uncomfortable incidents happening to good friends. It wonders about work ethic too.

At the end, the last two questions move back into Star Wars territory. The next-to-last asks which planet (seen in the six-film series) would you like to visit.


The final question, while very Star Wars-centric, also contains some pretty clever ways to learning about your personality type by asking "what bugs you" about the movies.


After punching in your answer to that final question, the program presents you with the Star Wars character that most closely matches your answers. In the case of this writer, the (very satisfying) answer was Obi-Wan Kenobi.


TheBlaze Editorial Staff Test Results: We are proud to report that among our ranks we have, three Yodas, one Han Solo, a Chewbacca, a Luke Skywalker, one Queen Amidala, a handful of Princess Leia-types, the aforementioned Obi-Wan and a C-3PO. Happily, no Blaze staff member has been given the Darth Vadar designation. (At least, nobody has admitted to it.)

TheBlaze Radio's Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe have also taken the test, and may reveal their results on-air.

Want to take the test? (Sure you do.) Click here.


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