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Mike Lee Tells Dana Loesch Why It's a 'Good Feeling' to Be Named One of the 'Poorest' U.S. Senators


"And this is why you are popular, Sen. Lee."

(TheBlaze TV)

Appearing on TheBlaze TV's new show "Dana" on Friday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) vowed to push back against President Barack Obama's threat to use more executive actions if Congress doesn't act on certain issues. He also revealed that he is proud to be one of the "poorest" U.S. senators.

"The president may have a pen and a phone, but I have a Constitution," Lee told host Dana Loesch. "That Constitution says that in order for us to make law, we have to action by the House, action by the Senate and then action by the presidential pen. … It's not until that moment that he can really act appropriately, unless the Constitution or a law passed pursuant to the Constitution somehow authorizes him to act."

(TheBlaze TV)

Further, Lee said that model certainly doesn't work and "we can't let him get away with that."

Lee also reflected on being named the fifth "poorest" U.S. Senator by the Heritage Foundation. The Utah Republican said Washington, D.C. has not instilled a desire in him to use his office to become a mega-wealthy multimillionaire and he doesn't expect it to anytime soon.

"I suppose it's a good feeling in a way," he added.

"And this is why you are popular, Sen. Lee," Loesch replied.

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