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Two College Freshmen Find Out They're Closer Than They Ever Imagined


“We thought she’d just find an education..."

(Photo credit: Claire Brown of The Tulane Hullabaloo)

Tulane University freshmen Mikayla Stern-Ellis and Emily Nappi don't just share an interest in theater, similar tastes in clothes or the same long, dark brown hair.

As it turns out, they share the same sperm donor.

half sisters_tulane hullaballoo Photo credit: Claire Brown of The Tulane Hullabaloo

The Tulane Hullabaloo reported that the young women with similar personalities and looks used to joke with friends and each other about being sisters.

“We’ve been telling people, ‘Oh, there’s a 25 percent chance we’re sisters,'" Nappi told the newspaper.

Now, they can say they're half-sisters with certainty.

“When she told us that they had talked a little bit and knew they both had a Colombian donor, Heidi and I said to ourselves, you know, we remember going through the donor list, and there [were] probably about 1,000 donors,” Debra Stern-Ellis, Mikayla's mother, told the Tulane Hullabaloo, noting that they couldn't remember another Colombian donor.

Debra Stern-Ellis told the newspaper that when her daughter showed her a picture of Emily while she was home on winter break, she suggested asking Emily for her donor's number. The numbers matched.

The girls, both from California (one from San Diego, the other from San Francisco) ended up at the New Orleans university because it "felt right," Mikayla Stern-Ellis told the newspaper. Finding each other unexpectedly, she said, shows that she made the right decision.

“We thought [going to Tulane] she’d just find an education, but she found a sister,” Stern-Ellis' mother said.

Read more details about the girl's fateful meeting in the Tulane Hullabaloo's full story.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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