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If You Ever Find Yourself Battling a 78-Year-Old Driver Named Annie Mudrack for a Parking Space, Just Opt for the Longer Walk


Witness saw her wipe paint off her key.

Image source: KTBC-TV

It's a familiar parking lot game: Spying for the best spaces and jockeying into them before the next driver beats you to it.

Image source: KTBC-TV

That's apparently what 78-year-old Annie Mudrack was up to when she and another driver were circling a lot in Round Rock, Texas, about 20 minutes north of Austin.

According to the police report, the male driver parked in a handicap spot before Mudrack could, KTBC-TV in Austin reported.

That apparently led to some frustration for Mudrack, who parked in a nearby space, the Austin American Statesmen said.

A witness told police she saw Mudrack walk around the man's truck with her arm extended, adding that she saw Mudrack wipe paint off her key, as if Mudrack had just keyed the offending car.

The witness, as well as the owner of the pickup, confronted Mudrack, who said she didn’t damage the truck, according to an affidavit, the American Statesman said.

Round Rock Police said Thursday that Mudrack was arrested for criminal mischief in connection with the Nov. 26 incident, KTBC said.

Mudrack was released from county jail on Jan. 16 after posting $7,500 bond, the American Statesman said.

The damage to the pickup was estimated at $3,585.84, the affidavit said.

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