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Charles Krauthammer's 'Things That Matter' continues to top the charts


Charles Krauthammer's "Things That Matter" continues to top the bestseller lists, clocking in its 13th week on the New York Times' Combined Print and e-Book Nonfiction List, and ranking #2 in various bestseller categories on Amazon.

User reviews are universally positive as well, with an average rating of 4.8/5 based on 1,979 reviews on Amazon and 4.37/5 based on 444 ratings on Goodreads.

Here's Krauthammer discussing his book:

[instory-book ISBN="9780385349178"]

And be sure to check out our coverage round-up below:

"So yes, politics and governing is fraught with temptations and dangers. There are plenty of people who bring dishonor to the enterprise. But at the risk of sounding out of touch with our times, there is something ennobling about politics, at least when done properly. We cannot neglect the importance of our laws or the political philosophies in which we root our laws because we cannot neglect their influence on our lives. Such are the duties of citizenship in a free society.

That is, I think, what Charles Krauthammer is saying; and why what he is saying matters so very much."

"This is a great book for any reader who has an interest in politics, in Charles Krauthammer and in a studying the writings of a great thinker and a great writer. I like this book. And, it's worth repeating, I like Charles Krauthammer."

"Indeed, no columnist’s body of work (even my own, alas) could ever be described as perfect. Yet the mark of a successful writer is to create theses, devise arguments and defend them with intelligence and eloquence. The times will change, economic situations will transform, and the political winds will surely blow in different directions. But the power of Mr. Krauthammer’s written words prevail, even though that moment in time has passed."
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