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How Does a Society 'Lose the Truth'? Glenn Beck Says It Starts With These 3 Things


"We are in a society now that is losing the truth."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program Jan. 27, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

How does truth "disappear?"

Glenn Beck on his radio show Monday asserted that there are three "factors" that ultimately lead to a loss of truth in society: force and fear; ignorance and apathy; and greed and envy.

The discussion stemmed from Beck's defense of Tom Perkins, who wrote a controversial editorial for the Wall Street Journal comparing Nazi Germany's war on Jews to the progressive war on the rich.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program Jan. 27, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"He is a hero. Somebody needs to say it. It is the same seed," Beck said. "We are in a society now that is losing the truth. 'We hold these things to be self-evident.' Ask kids what self-evident. They will tell you that the self-evident truth is it will never be worse than it is now. They will tell you the self-evident truth that we'll always have this stuff. They'll tell you the self-evident truth that I've got to have an iPhone. That's not a self-evident truth."

"What is self-evident truth?" Beck continued. "When you start to think those things, the real truths go away. You start to reject the real truth, the universal truth."

The multimedia personality has long maintained that the country is entering a time where "two plus two equals five" and many Americans won't even recognize their country.

"You know they’re lying, and they know you know they’re lying, and you have it on tape what they said, and then they take their lies and they tell you, 'We didn’t say that,'" Beck remarked in the run-up to the 2012 election. "And they play their lies and say, 'See? It doesn’t say that.'"

Beck said the way to fight the loss of truth is to be kind, engaged, and generous.

"You certainly don't fight it with force and fear," he remarked. "When people say, 'Get angry, get out in the streets,' no, that is the tool that loses. That's the tool to erase all kinds of truth. That's the tool quite honestly that's being used by the hetero-fascists over in Russia ... Force and fear does not work."

"You have everything you need. We win," Beck encouraged his listeners. "Man does not lose those self-evident truths. Love and fearlessness, engaged and educated, charitable people who understand they have all they need -- when those people are us, we win."

Watch the entire segment, below:

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