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Absolutely Disturbing': Philly Student Brutally Beaten While Others Cackle at the Sight


“This is very traumatic, shocking to see."


That's the response many people had to the video of a Philadelphia teenager being beaten on his way home from school. Two young men brutally hit and kicked the victim while a third filmed it laughing.

Then the video was posted to Facebook.

philly teen attacked A Philly teen was attacked by classmates. The video was shared on Facebook, tipped to the local news station, which then alerted police who had those involved in the incident identified within hours. (Images: KYW-TV)

Within two hours of it being posted on the social media site Tuesday, police had three suspects and the victim identified. Two suspects were in custody while police were working on bringing in the third.

"We really are disturbed by the way the one young man who's filming it is just cackling in the background, thinking this is funny," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Carl Holmes told KYW-TV.

“To watch somebody being beaten while somebody else laughs like that, that’s absolutely disturbing, even to a veteran law officer like me," Holmes said later.

Officials aren't saying which high school the students attended, but KYW reported that comments on the Facebook video allude to it being Northeast High School.

[sharequote align="center"]“This is very traumatic, shocking to see."[/sharequote]

“This is very traumatic, shocking to see. We don’t want to see this repeated again,” Fernando Gallard, a spokesman for the Philadelphia school district, told the news station.

Watch KYW-TV's report, which includes some of the disturbing footage:

Fellow students found the footage far from funny as well.

“I saw when they was hitting him and I was just like, I can’t watch this. It’s disturbing,” student Monica Chhoeung told KWY.


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