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Concerned Mother Confronts Obama About Losing Her Health Care Plan and Possibly Son’s Specialist Due to Obamacare


"I know that I can’t keep my plan — which I liked."


During a Friday Google+ Q&A session broadcast on YouTube, President Barack Obama was confronted by a Kentucky mother who says she lost her health care plan and her son’s medical specialist due to Obamacare.

“I’m probably not the only one whose had really a panicked experience lately trying to figure out if my 10-year-old son can continue with his specialist or not,” the woman, Rebecca, said. “I know that I can’t keep my plan — which I liked — but as I’m trying to figure out what to do going forward, I’ve spent weeks with days on the phone getting confidently delivered wrong answers, conflicting information.”

“It’s becoming quite obvious to me that a lot of agencies, almost everyone I’ve talked to, is having a lot of trouble figuring out the new rules,” the mother continued.


She expressed concern that some average Americans who haven’t put in as much “leg work” as she has are going to have an even harder time figuring out the new regulations.

“What are you doing to fix this, or simplify what appears to be such a complicated process?” she asked the president.

Listen to President Obama’s reply below:

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