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Strap Yourself In Tightly Before Watching Dashcam Clip of Tractor-Trailers Hurtling Toward Head-On Collision


"What the hell are you doing?! No! No! No!"

Image source: YouTube raw clip

A dashcam records a life-flashing-before-the-eyes moment as two tractor-trailers approach what appears destined to be a head-on collision on a snowy Ontario, Canada highway.

Driving along Highway 11 north of Nipigon, which is about 90 minutes north of Thunder Bay, the driver of the tractor-trailer with the dashcam notices another tractor-trailer attempting to pass a slow-moving snow plow...and is headed straight for him.

Image source: YouTube raw clip

The driver with the dashcam starts yelling, "What the hell are you doing?! No! No! No!" and swerving to the right to avoid the oncoming tractor-trailer, so much so that he appears to navigate part of the vehicle over the guardrails.

Image source: YouTube raw clip

Somehow the driver creates just enough space so that the oncoming tractor-trailer, which also appears to swerve away, barely misses him.

Image source: YouTube raw video

Let the cursing commence... (Image source: YouTube raw video)

According to the date stamp on the video, the incident took place Jan. 4.

Here's the clip. Content warning: The driver utters a choice word beyond the realm of "hell" after the drama is complete (but you knew that already, didn't you?)

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News reported that police received an initial report about the incident and will use the video in their investigation.

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