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Thank God': Blaze Readers React to 'Unprecedented, Powerful Coalition Three Major Conservative Personalities Are Building

Thank God': Blaze Readers React to 'Unprecedented, Powerful Coalition Three Major Conservative Personalities Are Building

"They may well be the 'Alamo' of the last stand."

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about radio personalities Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity moving past competition and finally joining forces in hopes that their audiences can come together and work toward a common goal.

Which likely has the political establishment quaking in their collective boots.

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Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the trio teaming up:

Rip Curly

This is great news! We’re going to have to look at the big picture and put aside minor differences in order to beat back the big government, big regulation and big tax coalition. It’s going to take a freedom coalition.


Well, finally, we’re talking common sense! … Let’s all join in the effort to bring America back to relevance in the rest of the world. Yep, we need those shining personalities to put their money where their mouth is ... and make positive moves to defend the greatest constitution that America started out with, and get rid of the nation destroyers … just saying … joining together, is a very positive move!

Jim S

Well, it’s not a good idea. They all talk to the same audience and the audience talks to each other and they all think they are the majority. Imagine Maddow, Hartman, and Amy Goodman “building a powerful coalition"! It’s also called preaching to the choir. The Beck/Hannity/Levin audience already know the sermon. What escapes these people is we need to reach conservative Democrats and Independents and get candidates that will get conservatives back in the voting booths. Beck is off the grid and a minor player at best. Hannity has maxed out his appeal. Levin is the brightest of the bunch but suffers the “bully” personality of a good prosecutor and not a bridge builder. Might make a good show; just need a different cast.


I’m not sure that pundits such as these can go that much farther in getting more people to think Constitutionally. Limbaugh has been on the air for a quarter century now, with some results but there is not a solid majority on the Right.

No, for most of the American People pain and suffering will have to teach them the benefits of Liberty and the many pitfalls of not having it. And the Great Collapse is coming to begin teaching those lessons.


The missing piece of information from this article is who the one person is that kept driving a wedge between these on-air personalities? I hold all Constitutional conservatives in high regard, but I will say that the standards that Sean Hannity has used by bringing on Juan Williams and other leftist talking heads on his show has not served him or the public well. I sincerely hope that Sean is aligned with the principles of conservatism instead of the rhetoric of the Republican Party. While I know he is a registered “conservative” voter, he sure seems to tow the mainstream party line.


Thank God. I wondered for years why you guys didn’t do this (sooner). This is just what we need to try to bring all people with common sense back together. Thank you three for being the voice we can’t be.


Very, very glad to hear it. We need to support one another! I often wondered why they didn’t reference one another in the conservative battle to protect our Constitution. They all have different styles, but their goal is the same: Save our Republic from the progressive disease that’s killing this unique, freedom-oriented nation.


Bad move Glenn. Hannity and Levin are far too Neocon for my liking. Glenn is closer to positions with Rush than anyone else. Rush probably wants to maintain independence but it's too bad because he and Glenn could have made a better team.

Hannity and Levin will both end up towing the republican line before this is over and will likely help to squash any tea party candidate in the running.


It's SMART. As a former broadcaster seeing too many changes in radio over the last three decades, surprisingly eroding under the Regan administration (in what was an effort to keep stations on the air from going off as they did in the early 1980s), it bred a monster of conglomerates and the end of the ‘local voice,’ (editorial content) and relationship to the community. Most stations across this country are housed in what are akin to ICUs on life support with computers and satellite-delivered content. Beyond the late 1990s my industry just vanished.

Now couple that with political waves that control content, and one party could control all media content. Beck going ‘Internet’ as a start-up (and overwhelmingly funded by subscribers, like Costco he must create revenue from annual memberships) and forming his companies (Mercury Radio Arts/The Blaze) under one roof with access to listeners, he can make a difference, for now. It does not mean the government could not shut him down. That’s still a possibility. But bringing the top conservative to (now) libertarian family in one strong network is just a SMART and PRACTICAL move. They may well be the “Alamo” of the last stand.

In the past one would purchase Radio and TV stations to broadcast (like religious television) to the audience and reach new converts. But this may very well be the gathering of names in Texas to save the Union of the USA. No, it's very SMART.


Just because they may not be EVERYone’s FAVORITE conservative talk show hosts doesn’t mean we can’t join them in their mission! Let’s get together and activate–UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE WILL SURELY FALL!

These men are passionate about our country! They are well educated in history, the Constitution, and current issues in politics and the culture. Quit with the stupid “not true conservatives” baloney. When it comes to these three, they are dyed-in-the-wool conservatives who want to see Constitutional America rise from the ashes of the Soros Communist transformation destruction attempt.

Conservatives, work to hold your representatives accountable, speak truth to your neighbors, family, and associates. Be informed, inform others, get the signs in your yards, stickers on your car, write letters to encourage conservatives in government, write letters to inform your neighbors, be registered early, vote, and bring fellow conservatives to the polls. It is not too early to strengthen our chances for a Conservative landslide in November. Do your part.

And pray humbly for our nation to return to God, and His wisdom! Be guided by sound principles—be on God’s side–like George Washington and Abe Lincoln have said!


Competition is good and healthy, but this is the right idea. I have listened to talk radio for the last several years and I transitioned from one show to the next daily. The truth is you guys have always created synergy.

That said, you were already on the same team as the listeners, we just looked to all of you for enlightenment. All told, any rivalries were a waste of efforts. Growing is a good thing, gentlemen!


In order to be effective they should:

a. Devise a civil disobedience action that,

b. Will not get you thrown in jail (like failure to pay taxes), and

c. That will drive the Federal Government crazy, and

d. Lead by example


I thank God these guys got together. Democrats always join forces… we never do. We need to support conservative action and this is going to be real action that a good many of us can’t seem to get going on our own.


I heard this on the radio show today and I thought back about 3 years ago when I was always wondering why Glenn and Sean never got together. Now I know, and I’m glad they finally are. Incidentally, when Glenn made his “Wonder Twins” analogy, I didn’t agree.

I think they’re more like the “Incredibles.” The father the strong man, the son fast, the mother flexible and the daughter the shield. Alone they are only so powerful. Together, they are...well, incredible hehe.

As Glenn pointed out, they all have their own “powers” (like the Incredibles). Sean a genuine and sincere guy, apparently has created a game plan. Glenn’s a powerful speaker. He sells the plan. And Mark being a very versed Constitutionalist is the editor and chief executive who helps shape and define the plan. I just can’t wait to see “THE PLAN”!!!


Coalition, sure. But Rush is the King of the Radio…put his viewership in with those three and you have an Army greater than anything the Progs can pull off.

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