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Did Using the Obamacare Website Make This Man Vulnerable to Identity Theft?


"There’s a possibility someone got my personal information from your website."

Rich Guillory believes signing up for Obamacare may have led to his personal information being stolen by thieves (image source: screen grab)

A Virginia man suspects that his decision to sign up for health insurance coverage through the Obamacare website has made him vulnerable to identity theft.

“There’s a possibility someone got my personal information from your website,” Rich Guillory told officials after he received several mysterious phone calls. “They knew my name and they had my number.”

Guillory believes that his Social Security number and his home address have also been compromised, according to WVEC-VA.

The Virginia man explained that the day after he signed up for Obamacare, he received a phone call from someone offering to help him find health insurance.

When the call came in, he said he didn’t give it much thought and he ignored it.

But then he received two more calls, from two separate Virginia Beach numbers, offering him the same service.

Then seven more calls.

He finally decided to call back.

The first number he called was answered by a woman who said she had no idea what he was talking about. He called the other number. Same response -- only this time the person on the other end told him he was the fourth person to call with his story.

Then he received yet another call from someone telling him they could help him find health insurance. He told them they were calling from an illegitimate number and the person hung up immediately.

“It’s easier than you think to make it look like you’re calling from a different number than you actually are,” Cyber Security expert Heather Engel told WVEC-TV.

Engel suggested that security bugs and missing features on the healthcare.gov website could be to blame for Guillory’s personal information being compromised:

(H/T: Capitol City Project)


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