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Thank You': Glenn Beck Fights Back Tears Accepting Prestigious Award


Glenn Beck fought back tears Friday afternoon as he accepted the prestigious Andrew Ashwood Award for his decades-long work in talk radio.

"As a guy, who, excuse my language, was an a**hole for most of my life, that's very kind," Beck said. "Thank you."

The award, presented by last year's recipient Jim Farley, was given to Beck as talk radio notables gathered in in Dallas, Texas for the annual Talk Show Boot Camp.

As described at the conference, the Andrew Ashwood Award is aimed at honoring someone who "makes a positive influence" in the talk radio business.

Later in the day, Beck spoke before Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) at the Talk Show Boot Camp and reiterated that he moved to the Lone Star State because he thinks "we cannot lose Texas, or the whole thing goes down the toilet."

"If this state falls into the hands of progressives on either side of the aisle we lose the republic of America," he said.

Beck also added several points of advice, including a moving challenge to act with courage.

"Life's just not worth living afraid," Beck said. "I've spend most of my life living in fear. It takes profound courage to be successful. Everyone told us, 'You leave Fox, you're done. You do this, you're finished.'"

To counter those arrows of discouragement, Beck urged his listeners to "do the thing that you want to do. Do the thing that you know is right to do."


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