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Glenn Beck says this fictional series about an Iranian attack 'is the most incredible story that Americans should read


During this morning's radio program, Glenn Beck noted that in light of this weekend's stories about Iranian warships heading close to U.S. borders and a simulation aired on Iranian television of a shocking attack on American aircraft and Israeli cities, he can no longer tell fact from fiction.

Why did he make this case?

It turns out that several years ago, Beck read a series of fictional novels written by best-selling author and current Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) called "Wrath & Righteousness," about an attack on the U.S. by Iran that is proving eerily similar to today's real-life events.

Glenn Beck discussing "Wrath & Righteousness" on the radio program, 10 February 2014. (Image Source: TheBlaze TV screengrab) Glenn Beck discussing "Wrath & Righteousness" on the radio program, 10 February 2014. (Image Source: TheBlaze TV screengrab)

Beck described the plot of the series as follows:

"The novel starts with the Iranians coming off the coast of California and the coast of -- the eastern seaboard...And launching a missile into the sky, just outside of our water line, and launching a missile and then blowing it up right at the right place for an EMP, which is strangely exactly what they've been doing in all of their tests. They keep launching these missiles and they keep blowing up at exactly the place that you would need it to blow up for an EMP. And the head of the Russian missile test responded to one of the reporters and one of the reporters said, "It's another failure. It keeps blowing up." And he said, "Failure? Well, that would depend on what you were trying to do, wouldn't it?"...So what are you trying to do? Why are these exploding at exactly the same place every time? Some are -- the hypothesis is it is because that's exactly the altitude -- you would need to explode...an EMP. An EMP off the West Coast and off the East Coast off the United States would shut the United States down and listen to this staggering number: 75% of our population would die in...a staggering short period of time...And you don't have to march an army in. All you have to do is shut our electricity off."

In other words, the Iranians sending a destroyer towards U.S. borders as reported this past weekend is literally straight out of Chris Stewart's book.

Beck noted that Stewart's series is "inspired writing...it is the most incredible story that Americans should read...it's almost like the beginning of Revolution...I mean, I really think you should read "Wrath and Righteousness." It's a great book. It's a great series. It's really -- you won't be able to put this thing down."

In fact Glenn loved the series so much that he acquired it himself and published it in 2012.

Beck continued the segment by stating that he believes that the series "is so closely mirroring everything that's going on in the Middle East, especially. I don't know what's fact and fiction."

More importantly:

"not only is it worth thinking about how easy it would be for the Iranians to hit us with an EMP and completely change the course of the world and humanity for at least a century, it's worth just considering how weak we have become, that the Iranians can send over a destroyer to our [borders]...this is the same Iranian group of thugs that our president says we can negotiate with. That we actually won in the negotiation. That there are -- they're on the right road now. Did you see that -- they said over the weekend that -- the Jews and Israelis...need to be vaporized...and that the great Satan will be stopped as well? That's what they're saying. We're claiming, our president is claiming that, you know, we're on the road to really great things with the Iranians. And look at what they're doing."

Check out the full clip from the show on Iran and Wrath & Righteousness below:

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