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Another Real-Life Demonic Infestation? Ex-Politician Says His Family Waged Terrifying Battle Against 'Evil Entity' Inside Their Home


"This is not the story of a haunted house."

Image source: Bob Cranmer

A former Pennsylvania politician is set to release details of a story that is sure to stun -- and spook -- his former constituents.

Bob Cranmer, a former Allegheny County commissioner, will release a new book later this year titled "The Demon of Brownsville Road." But rather than a work of fiction, Cranmer claims the text will take readers through real-life horrors his family faced at the hands of a demonic force inside their home.

Cranmer told TheBlaze that his family was terrorized over a two-year period beginning at the end of 2003 and coming to a close in early 2006.

But he said that there was evidence that something wasn't quote right just weeks after he, his wife and their four young children moved into the home back in 1988.

"We were in the house for a few weeks [when] my wife and I started to experience things that were paranormal," he said. "Things that were unexplainable and it wasn't too long until we realized something was going on."

According to Cranmer, it soon made sense why the previous owners left the home in such a rush, taking Cranmer's first offer before vacating the premises.

At first, he said the paranormal events were mild and didn't seem threatening. But that soon changed.

"My kids would tell me what happened -- doors opening, knocking on walls and I would discount it, but slowly over the years it became more and more malicious, malevolent and threatening," he said, noting that two of his kids ended up being so tormented by the events that they needed treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

Image source: Bob Cranmer A picture of a broken crucifix that Cranmer claims resulted from the demonic infestation (Image source: Bob Cranmer)

In addition to giving off a horrid stench, Cranmer claims the demonic force would scratch and bite his family members, that clocks stopped and computers crashed. Additionally, Cranmer described a "blood-like substance" that would appear around the home.

One night, he told KDKA-TV that he awoke up and was completely turned around under the covers, with his head at the end of the bed and his feet on his pillows.

At the time, Cranmer and his family were evangelical Christians. They went to their pastor to report the occurrences, but said that the Baptist faith leader wasn't quite sure how to help them.

And that's when Cranmer said the Catholic Church stepped in to assist -- involvement that he says resulted in a lengthy two-year process that ultimately rid the house of the demonic force.

The family later converted to Catholicism.

    A picture of a broken crucifix that Cranmer claims resulted from the demonic infestation (Image source: Bob Cranmer) Another picture of a broken crucifix that Cranmer claims resulted from the demonic infestation (Image source: Bob Cranmer)

"This is not the story of a haunted house. This thing was an evil, evil entity," he said. "Eventually it would break crucifixes in half."

While he admits the story sounds bizarre, Cranmer swears it's true. And considering his political clout in the community, it's likely people will at least hear him out.

Final edits are being made on "The Demon of Brownsville Road," which is slated for release on Aug. 5, 2014.

TheBlaze is awaiting response from the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh to learn more about its involvement in the purported exorcism of Cranmer's home.


Featured image via Bob Cranmer

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