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Fox News Liberal Analyst: I'm Getting Fed Up Defending Obamacare


"Amen, brother."

Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers said Tuesday she is getting fed up with constantly having to defend the Affordable Care Act during its disastrous rollout, saying the White House keeps putting the law's defenders in an awkward position.

Powers, a liberal, made the remarks Tuesday night after National Journal's Ron Fournier admitted that he, a “naïve columnist,” was “getting sick” of defending Obamacare.

“I’m going to say amen, brother, because it’s exactly how I feel,” Powers said in reference to Fournier's comments. “People who have supported the law, who support universal health care, are constantly put in the position of having to defend this president, who has really incompetently put this together, rolled it out, and that’s why he has to do this. It’s why he has to keep doing this, because it’s not working.”

“It’s now gotten to the point where it seems like there’s an exemption made for pretty much everybody except for individuals,” she said. “A lot of people who have really been screwed over by the law, you know, who are left without insurance or with extremely expensive insurance.”

Powers’ comments came on the heels of the White House announcing Monday that it would delay a mandate requiring business owners with fewer than 100 employees to provide health insurance to their staff or face a penalty.

This is the second time that the White House has delayed the small business mandate, which was originally scheduled to take effect at the beginning of 2014.

(H/T: Mediaite)


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