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Atheists Launch 'Godless' Media Outlet


"How to Teach Toddlers About Evolution"

Screen shot from TheHumanist.com

There are a plethora of news outlets that serve various theological worldviews -- and with the launch of a new humanist media enterprise atheists, agnostics and other secularists will now have their own hub that offers news, opinion and analysis from a nontheistic perspective.

The American Humanist Association announced Wednesday that TheHumanist.com has gone live. According to a press release, the site offers "nontheists a fresh place to get daily original reporting and commentary on issues important to a growing godless worldview."

Much like religious news sources provide information through a theological lens, TheHumanist.com will tackle cultural and political issues from a secular perspective.

Screen shot from TheHumanist.com Screen shot from TheHumanist.com

In addition to editorial content, the website will also serve as home to the American Humanist Association's Humanist magazine, a podcast and an email news letter, among other elements.

"Millions of humanists and atheists are absorbing information about the secular movement through the Internet, and TheHumanist.com will serve as an online hub for this growing community," said Maggie Ardiente, senior editor for TheHumanist.com.

Jennifer Bardi, another senior editor, added that the outlet will offer up an opportunity for non-believers to reach a broad audience with "original reporting and high-quality articles."

Currently, there are pieces on the outlet's front page titled, "A Short History of Evolution," "How to Teach Toddlers About Evolution" and "'Under God' Makes a Mockery of Religious Freedom," among many others.

The launch of TheHumanist.com was planned to coincide with 2014 "Darwin Day" celebrations, commemorating evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin's birthday and his theory of evolution.


Featured image via TheHumanist.com

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