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You Can't Tell Mummy': Dad Takes Young Girl on a Ride That Could Be the Cutest 95 Seconds of Your Day


"Go faster, Daddy!"

It seems this little girl was born with a need for speed.

Jamie PGTR uploaded his daughter's priceless reaction to their zippy trip in his 1000bhp Nissan GT-R where his little girl gleefully shouted "Go faster, Daddy!"

girl She starts by asking Dad to "Go Faster!" when Jamie asks "Are you ready?" She giggles and grips her hands in anticipation. (Source: YouTube)

After a few moments of fury, she covers her eyes - but it seems out of pure excitement rather than fear.

girl reacts to dad's fast car (Source: YouTube)

Her sheer joy shows this little tyke may have more fast cars in her future. But since she's sporting a British accent, it may be Formula 1 vice Nascar. Maybe it runs in the family; Dad sounds like he has a devilish grin on his face and though we don't get to see his reaction, he does bargain a bit with his daughter when she asks to go fast one more time.

"Ok but you can't tell mummy," he says. "Ok, one more time!" She responds.

Not only is this a cool video because it's a dad spending time with his daughter, but we get to hear a Michael Jackson soundtrack in the background. This might be the cutest 95 seconds of your day:

The video mirrors one posted earlier this week showing another child getting the ride of a lifetime from his father. That little boy's facial expressions are priceless.

(H/T: Sploid)


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