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Dana Loesch: Hated … and loving it


Every issue of TheBlaze Magazine includes "In the Hot Seat," an interview our own Mike Opelka conducts with a personality we think our readers would like to get to know just a little better. The March issue of the Magazine features a Q&A with Dana Loesch. Here's a brief excerpt -- get the entire interview only in the pages of the March 2014 issue of TheBlaze Magazine:


Hot Seat - Blaze Magazine - Dana Loesch and Ted Nugent

TheBlaze TV’s newest host, Dana Loesch, is a “former liberal” and a mom who home-schooled her two children. She’s a successful syndicated talk-show host with a razor-sharp mind who delivers solid arguments with deadly accuracy. Dana and her husband avidly support and exercise their Second Amendment rights. And for all of those reasons, we were very polite when we put her in the Hot Seat.

BLAZE: As the newest member of TheBlaze TV family, what has surprised you about the company?

DANA: That they joyously say “let’s do this!” to every idea, be it wearing onesies on set or having Ted Nugent read hate Tweets. It’s amazing to work with such talented people who have every potential to take over the world.

BLAZE: Many conservatives didn’t start out that way, but shifted at one point in their lives—the pivot point. Can you identify the exact moment or circumstance when the (incandescent) light bulb went off in your brain and you said, “Hey, I’m a conservative!” I believe I’ve heard you talk about a college experience and also about parenthood having something to do with this.

FINAL - Paul Cruz - Blaze Magazine Cover - March 2014 - no boxDANA: The point that started it was when I gave birth to my first son. I couldn’t reconcile being a progressive feminist with being the mother of a male: advocating for policies that discriminated against him and targeted him simply for his sex, advocating an ideology that was a direct contradiction to my role as a mother to protect and nurture my child.

BLAZE: You have the opportunity to invite any three living politicians over for dinner and an evening of spirited conversation. Who is on the list? And of course, why?

DANA: None. I have a sustained distrust for all politicians, even those with whom I agree on more issues than not.

If forced to, I’d invite [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and [San Antonio Mayor] Julian Castro. I’d ask Elizabeth why her ancestors persecuted mine during the trail of genocide; why Hillary allowed Americans to die in Benghazi; and Julian Castro why he seeks to encourage divide instead of unity in southern Texas.

BLAZE: In your opinion, what’s the best way to fix the obvious divide in American politics?

DANA: There will always be ...


Get the rest of the interview, including Dana's thoughts on who should be the first female president, whether there are sleeper 2016 candidates no one's talking about, what to do with hate mail, and much more.

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