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The Family...Is Falling Apart': Author Says 'State Polygamy' Is Putting America in Danger
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The Family...Is Falling Apart': Author Says 'State Polygamy' Is Putting America in Danger

"I think we're headed in a wrong and dangerous direction now."

Journalist and author William Tucker warns in his new book "Marriage and Civilization: How Monogamy Made Us Human" that "state polygamy" is putting America at dire risk.

Tucker defines this term as a societal phenomenon involving the increase of single women raising kids without fathers, while relying on the government to meet the children's needs.

With "state polygamy," Tucker recently wrote for Human Events, lower-income women find themselves "free to pursue men on purely reproductive grounds -- mating with men who are attractive or intelligent and otherwise have 'good genes' without having to worry about getting them to settle down as husbands."

The results, Tucker said, have been disastrous.

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"One of our political parties has discovered if they appeal directly to women and say government can do a better job taking care of you than an unemployed boyfriend, they're able to peel off women from marriage and make them dependent," he told TheBlaze.

Tucker noted the "war on women" phrase that's been employed by Democrats against Republican opponents has been an effective campaign platform.

"It appeals to unattached women who have sort of given up on men," he continued. "The whole monogamous ideal is unraveling under this political strategy."

While vastly different from traditional polygamy, generally understood as one man taking multiple wives, state polygamy is leading to a social and political crisis, Tucker said.

"I think the family formation is falling apart and what you learn is monogamy is a really fragile institution," he said. "I think it plays a critical role in the development of humanity and civilizations."

Tucker argues that Christianity has offered up a strict enforcement of monogamy -- one that has been the foundation of Western culture.

"The benefits are that there's a boy for every girl and a girl for every boy. Everyone gets a chance to mate," he said. "There's an egalitarianism that creates a peaceful social contract."

He's hoping people will realize that monogamy plays a major role in creating peace in society -- and that men and women will rediscover the joy of falling in love and creating lives with one another.

But at the moment, Tucker has his fears.

"I think we're headed in a wrong and dangerous direction now," he said.

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