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Mom Reveals 'Miracle' After Defying Doctors' Abortion Recommendation


"I could feel my baby was alive, he was moving, how could I get rid of him?"


A British mother claims doctors told her to terminate her pregnancy and that her unborn baby wouldn't survive -- but she defied their recommendations and went on to deliver a healthy baby boy.

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Now Rachel Collins, 30, is speaking out about her experience, noting that she kept a journal of the hope and pain she experienced each day throughout her pregnancy.

Doctors reportedly told the mother at her 20-week scan that she suffered from oligohydramnios, a low level of amniotic fluid.

She was apparently told that the child would likely die, as he only had a 10 percent chance of survival -- and that termination was the best path forward.

"The doctor didn’t mince his words, he said, 'This baby will die, the best thing you can do is terminate it,'" Collins said.

But rather than listen, the stunned mother proceeded with her pregnancy.

"I decided to keep a diary from the minute I found out I was pregnant, to show our baby how much we wanted him. But when I was told he wasn’t going to survive, I didn’t feel as though I could stop writing -- I thought it would help to keep going," she told Daily Mail.

Collins' journal helped her get through the uncertainty, as she couldn't bring herself to end the pregnancy.

"I could feel my baby was alive, he was moving, how could I get rid of him?" she added.

After facing some challenges, Alphie was born via caesarean at 30 weeks on Oct. 21.

"He came out screaming -- he defied them all," Collins said. "He is a little miracle. It was a nightmare pregnancy, but every day he was hanging on was a blessing, he is now 6lb 14oz and has no health problems."

Read excerpts from Collins' diary here.

(H/T: Daily Mail)
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