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Two 11-Year-Old Boys Charged With Disturbing Peace After Allegedly Bringing Toy Gun to School


"...I think these youngsters need to be brought into the court house…"

Two 11-year-old boys in Michigan could be charged with disturbing the peace after they allegedly brought a toy gun to school.

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The incident occurred Feb. 5 at Doyle-Ryder Elementary School in Flint, according to MLive, resulting in their arrest. Tuesday of this week Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton filed a petition that disruption of peace charges be brought against them,WJRT-TV reported.

According to the news station, Leyton said one of the boys, after a disturbance with a teacher, encouraged another boy to bring the toy to school. A student who saw the gun reported it to an adult.

In a previous post by MLive, the school district's Interim Superintendent Larry Watkins described the toy as a BB gun, but WJRT noted that it was found to be inoperable due to a missing part.

“If it is a BB gun, that is an expellable offense,” Watkins told MLive at the time. “I have no knowledge of anyone being in danger.”

More recent information regarding the type of toy gun that was brought to the school was not provided.

Regardless of it being considered a toy, Leyton told WJRT the situation is being taken seriously.

"It's always your concern that a young person can get his hands on a real gun and bring it to school. There is no reason to bring a gun to school. Bringing a gun, even if it's a toy gun, to school causes all sorts of chaos, and I think these youngsters need to be brought into the court house and we need to get their attention. So, that's what we're going to do," Leyton said.

The boys are not being named because they are minors, MLive reported.

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