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Christian Singer Says Society Needs to Do This Simple Thing to Help Restore Culture


"How we view each other as individuals, as women, men -- how we view our kids and how we raise them."

Jason Crabb, a Grammy and Dove Award-winning Christian singer, recently told TheBlaze that he believes society desperately needs to get back to focusing on how people treat one another.

Crabb, who noted that the simple act of caring for one's fellow man can go a long way, said that many individuals are simply "searching for something bigger." He challenged Christians to lead the way in showing God's love.

"It’s what we do for others and how we treat others. That’s one of the things that I feel our culture has gotten away from," Crabb said. "How we view each other as individuals, as women, men -- how we view our kids and how we raise them."

The singer said that it's time for everyone to get back to loving "our neighbor as our self."

jason crebb Christian singer Jason Crabb (Image source: Jason Crabb)

Crabb also spoke about the music industry's impact on young celebrities, saying that he feels for  singers who find themselves misbehaving and going in the "wrong direction."

"I think truthfully when you get to a ... status level -- a music artist who does secular music and is very very, very successful and they've got all the money -- at the end of the day they've got to look up and say, 'There's got to be more to life than this,'" he told TheBlaze. "I just think that everybody is searching."

With such bright spotlights on these stars, he said that many famed musicians struggle to cope with the pressure and attention.

"Some reach out in the wrong direction," he said.

Crabb also detailed about his own career path, which started at a small church in Kentucky and led to big stage performances as a member of The Crabb Family ensemble and also as a solo artist.

"Well I grew up a P.K. -- not just a problem kid, but a preacher’s kid," he quipped. "I grew up in the church in Kentucky. We had to jump in and be a little bit of everything ... youth leader, song leader, that was just one of the things that we just kind of grew into it."

He credited God with creating a path that led to stardom in the Christian music scene.

Watch the music video for his song "Love Is Stronger" below:

"It’s just amazing how God created a path for it to happen," Crabb said. "I can't take credit for it -- I can say we’ve worked hard but we could have never figured how that all happened."

Crabb went on to speak about both the pros and cons of the Christian music industry. On the upside, he said it's encouraging to work with people who "really have a relationship with Christ" and who aren't just recording for the sake of doing so.

"I found that the older I get, I see how strong the love of Christ is -- how he wants us to love one another no matter what and that’s what I've learned with Christ and that's the message I’m finding to be so encouraging to people," he said."

The downside, Crabb said, is that, despite having some of the best voices around, the Christian music industry has its limitations in terms of reach and scope.

"You don't have as many outlets," he said. "Christian music a lot of times would never get looked at even though some of the greatest singers in the world started in Christian music or are in Christian music."

Most recently, the singer delved into the movie world, playing in "Uncommon," a film about religious freedom.


Featured image via Jason Crabb

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