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Gun rights enthusiast John Lott scorned by Piers Morgan rep's confusing jab


Piers Morgan's show is all but through at CNN, but a remark by one of his representatives seems to have t'd off gun rights enthusiast John Lott.

Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze

On Tuesday TheBlaze Blog ran a story about a column Lott wrote for National Review, wherein he said the poor ratings that resulted in the cancelation of Morgan's show had much to do with Morgan's condescending behavior toward guests who disagree with him on gun issues.

In the column, Lott also rehashed a time when Morgan mocked his "weird pointy bushy eyebrows."

Asked to respond to Lott's column, a rep for Morgan told us, "For the record... That's ridiculous. Just ridiculous."

It was unclear what, exactly, the rep was calling ridiculous, and we told her as much. She didn't elaborate.

The remark didn't sit well with Lott, apparently. He emailed us Thursday requesting the contact information for the rep so that he could ask her "what was wrong" with his column.

Never the one to instigate an argument (or a restraining order), we declined Lott's request. We told him that we were sure he could understand our reluctance to pass along the email of a contact but that should TheBlaze Blog be selected to replace Morgan in CNN's 9 p.m. ET slot, we'd be more than happy to host a (make-up?) session between the two parties.

Our best wishes go out to Lott.

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