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Street Posters Mocking Obama (and Oscars) Can't Be Making Academy Awards Folks Happy



Image source: Imgur

A flurry of street art critical of President Obama hit the area around Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, according to a post with 32 accompanying photos on Imgur.

The posters show an Oscar statue apparently with head of Vladimir Lenin and the caption "OCZARS" — the "O" is embellished with the well-known Obama election graphic.

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

Seems the unidentified artist in question is having fun mixing symbolism that's been used by both Russia — which has been in the news a good bit lately — and the Obama administration, which has a bit of history with special advisers or "czars" (e.g., "drug czar").

Another photo depicts a giant Lenin head, with a few posters in the background:

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

No reports as yet regarding what has happened, if anything, to the street art.

For the rest of the photos, head to Imgur.

(H/T: Drudge Report)

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