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This Technology Lets You Send a Text Without Touching a Single Button


The California-based company wants to "simplify everything."

A California-based company wants to "simplify everything" with their invention that you wear on your finger just like a piece of jewelry.

ring logos1 Ring operates on gesture recognition technology (Image via Logbar).

Dubbed "Ring," the technology is Logbar inc.'s new mode of communication that works through gesture-recognition and uses Bluetooth-based technology.

The user can swipe a wide range of motions and accomplish tasks such as writing texts, sending messages and control other items that are linked to the software, such as lights in the home. Mashable reported:

"By recognizing finger gestures, Ring allows the wearer to write text messages by simply drawing in the air. The same dynamic allows the wearer to access apps by drawing designated shapes in the air. For example, drawing a music note could access your music player, while drawing an envelope shape would allow you to access your email."

f The Logbar Ring is designed to look like any other piece of jewelry for the finger, but is packed with software to recognize the slightest movement (Image via Logbar).

Ring is also designed to vibrate to alert the user for incoming messages or calendar reminders, and if the user chooses, can be used to transmit payment information to complete financial transactions.

Potential downsides might be having to memorize the finger motions associated with certain tasks, such as drawing something in the air that resembles an envelope to send a text. But Logbar CEO Takuro Yashido told TheBlaze they are confident they've made it simple to use.

"Based on our test, users will not install too many applications in their smart phone. For example, users only install, TV app, Camera App, Message App and Music App," Yahido said.

"Users have to memorize just four gestures. Also, users can edit gestures, so if the gesture is hard to memorize, then users can customize it," he said.

Logbar inc. officially formed in 2013 to research "how people communicate in the ordinary situations," according to their Kickstarter page. The company says they have focused on power-saving technologies for miniaturized, personal devices.

Logbar made their ring available through Kickstarter in 2014, and the company said early backers will get their rings as early as July. Check out their demonstration video below:

(H/T: Mashable)

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