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State Department Issues List of Putin's Top 10 Lies About Ukraine

Credit: Dmitry Astakhov/Itar-Tass

It's not every day that the U.S. State Department issues a top 10 list of reasons why another country's president is a liar. But that's essentially what happened Wednesday when State Department officials published 10 "false claims" being peddled by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the situation in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin fishing without his shirt  on. The series of photos taken last year with the topless leader was the focus of enormous attention. State Department officials have sent strong words to Putin after his military  invasion of Ukraine last week  and issued a top ten list of reasons why is a liar on March 5. AP photo The U.S. State Department put out a list of 10 lies Russian President Vladimir Putin has made about Ukraine. (AP)

Here are three of Putin's claims, along with the State Department's counterarguments:

• Mr. Putin says: Russian forces in Crimea are only acting to protect Russian military assets. It is “citizens’ defense groups,” not Russian forces, who have seized infrastructure and military facilities in Crimea.

The Facts: Strong evidence suggests that members of Russian security services are at the heart of the highly organized anti-Ukraine forces in Crimea. While these units wear uniforms without insignia, they drive vehicles with Russian military license plates and freely identify themselves as Russian security forces when asked by the international media and the Ukrainian military. Moreover, these individuals are armed with weapons not generally available to civilians.

• Mr. Putin says: There is a humanitarian crisis and hundreds of thousands are fleeing Ukraine to Russia and seeking asylum.

The Facts: To date, there is absolutely no evidence of a humanitarian crisis. Nor is there evidence of a flood of asylum-seekers fleeing Ukraine for Russia. International organizations on the ground have investigated by talking with Ukrainian border guards, who also refuted these claims. Independent journalists observing the border have also reported no such flood of refugees.

• Mr. Putin says: Ethnic Russians are under threat.

The Facts: Outside of Russian press and Russian state television, there are no credible reports of any ethnic Russians being under threat. The new Ukrainian government placed a priority on peace and reconciliation from the outset. President Oleksandr Turchynov refused to sign legislation limiting the use of the Russian language at regional level. Ethnic Russians and Russian speakers have filed petitions attesting that their communities have not experienced threats. Furthermore, since the new government was established, calm has returned to Kyiv. There has been no surge in crime, no looting, and no retribution against political opponents.

Read the State Department's complete list here.

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