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Blindfold guess who: Republican governor snubs former GOP senator at CPAC?

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It may have just been a mistake. Maybe not.

But at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday in National Harbord, Md., TheBlaze Blog saw what looked like a snub by one governor to a fellow Republican one-time senator.

As the governor wrapped up a radio interview outside the Gaylord hotel ballroom where CPAC speeches are given, he was mobbed by a group of fans and cameras. He shook a few hands and and posed for some photos but his handlers began ushering him along.

Meanwhile, the former senator, who was gearing up for his own radio hit, tried calling out several times to the governor, presumably to greet him and get a quick word in.

No luck for the senator. The governor never turned around and simply kept walking. Maybe he didn't hear his name repeatedly called out over the bustling. Maybe not.

Guess who.

Hint: Both parties are former (and possibly future) presidential hopefuls.

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