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Sean Hannity vs. Dem Rep. in Tense Exchange Over Whether Issa’s Mic-Cutting Incident Was ‘Racist’, IRS Scandal


"I ask you a simple question, you won’t answer!"

(Fox News)

Sean Hannity clashed with Rep. Steve Horsford (D-Nev.) on Thursday over whether Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) cutting off a colleague’s microphone was “racist” as Jesse Jackson recently claimed on Twitter. The pair also butted heads when the Democrat argued the IRS scandal is no scandal at all.

When Hannity pressed Horsford on whether he agrees with Jackson about Issa’s mic-cutting incident begin “racist,” the lawmaker dodged the question completely. Instead, he said Issa’s behavior was unacceptable and displayed a lack of civility and decorum.

(Fox News) (Fox News)

Several times Hannity attempted to get a yes or no answer from Horsford — and several times he was unsuccessful.

“I ask you a simple question, you won’t answer!” Hannity said.

Still refusing to answer whether he agrees with Jackson, Horsford asked if he really invited him on the show to talk about race.

Moving on to the IRS scandal, Horsford claimed no evidence has been discovered to suggest any corruption within the tax agency.

“You’re wrong, sir,” Hannity interrupted, pointing out that IRS workers in Cincinnati have pointed fingers at officials in Washington. “You ought to be outraged, you ought to be indignant.”

“I’m outraged by people like you who will not allow all the facts to come forward so that we can have a full and complete and non-partisan and impartial investigation!” the congressman replied.

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