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Parents Absolutely Rock Out to ‘Frozen’ Soundtrack in the Car! The Daughter in the Background? Not So Much


But is it too good?

Many things change with parenthood, and sometimes that includes one's taste in music -- or at least what they choose to turn on in the car with a child present.

As illustrated by this couple, after you've heard the same soundtrack over and over again, you become somewhat of an expert on the lyrics.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

These "good looking parents" (which is in the title of the video) perform an epic lip-sync -- or perhaps they really do have Disney quality voices -- of "Love Is an Open Door" from "Frozen," and even admit to possibly enjoying the soundtrack more than their daughter.

The husband and wife team are spot on, making it appear as if they are channeling the voices of actress Kristen Bell, who plays Princess Anna, and actor Santino Fontana, who plays Hans in the film.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

The couple's daughter truly does not seem as into the music as her parents, casually looking up from her book only a few times and eventually picking up her sippy cup for the rest of the song.

Of course, we always have to leave room that something like this could just be a marketing ploy or published for some other reasons. You just never know (especially considering how well it turned out).

Watch the performance:

If you want to compare to the original animated version, check it out:

(H/T: Reddit)

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